Our new Wellness & Resilience page is LIVE now!

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Medical Society is excited to announce that our new Wellness & Resilience page is LIVE and ready to help clinicians and organizations across the state!

NCMS has been actively addressing this topic since 2018 in response to the late Mitchell D. Hardison, MD who struggled privately with stress and depression, leading to Dr. Hardison taking his own life. Through the vision of NCMS to provide leadership in medicine by uniting, serving, and representing physicians and their health care teams, this is a big step in creating the best state to practice medicine in the United States in in terms of work-life balance and sense of fulfillment as a clinician.

The North Carolina Consortium Stress & Resilience (NCCSR) is an important part of the work we do to address this burning issue in healthcare. Together with stakeholders, such as NCMB, PHP, Curi and others, we are determined to move the needle on the endemic when it comes to North Carolina.  This page has been carefully curated with the aid of a committee of experts in the field of stress, burnout and resilience among clinicians and organizations specifically and is full of tools and resources for the individual and organization.

On our new Wellness & Resilience page, you will find tools and resources to support clinicians and organizations organized into different dimensions for easier navigation. These tools and resources are readily available to non-members, with added tools and resources being developed for active NCMS members.

It is found on our main page under HealthyNC.

Click here to access now.