Much of the work of the North Carolina Medical Society is accomplished through its committees.

NCMS committees discuss and recommend official policies and actions for adoption by the Board of Directors. The committees meet two to three times a year.

In addition to the professional satisfaction that results from participating in committee work, many NCMS members enjoy the excellent opportunity committees give them to become acquainted with and work with colleagues throughout the state.

Questions regarding NCMS Committees should be directed to Evan Simmons, 919-833-3836, [email protected].

Communications Committee

Provides direction and strategy regarding NCMS member and non-member communications and outreach.

Staffed by Michelle Laws, PhD and Randy Aldridge.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Maintains and evaluates the NCMS Constitution and Bylaws to ensure this document remains relevant and updated with changing times.

Staffed by Ashley Rodriguez. John J. Meier, IV, MD, MBA – Chair

Ethical and Judicial Affairs Committee

Interprets the principles of medical ethics and investigates general ethical conditions.

Staffed by Ashley Rodriguez. Gerri Mattson, MD – Co-Chair and Quincy Jones, PA-C – Co-Chair.

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Finance Committee

Provides financial oversight for the NCMS, including approving and monitoring the annual budget and ensuring approved financial policies and procedures are being followed.

Staffed by Shawn Scott, MBA. John J. Meier, IV, MD, MBA – Chair.

Health & Racial Equity Committee

Provides oversight to ensure that actions, policies and programs of the NCMS are actively antiracist, addressing conscious and unconscious bias in systems of health, and building toward health and racial equity.

Staffed by Michelle Laws, PhD.

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Legislative Cabinet

Serves in an advisory role to support the NCMS’s engagement in legislation impacting the medical profession and patient care. The Cabinet helps set legislative priorities and respond to legislation of interest and concern.

Staffed by Ashley Rodriguez, JD. Jennifer Parker-Cote, MD – Chair

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Medical Education Committee

Evaluates and makes recommendations on: providing educational activities based on identified practice gaps of physician learners to promote the advancement of medical knowledge, quality performance improvement and patient care; the accreditation of providers of intra- state continuing education; and the implementation of the ACCME’s updated accreditation criteria.

Staffed by Shawn Scott, MBA and Russet Rogers, EdE. John E. R. Perry, III, MD – Chair.

Medical Team Task Force

Considers patient safety and team-based care issues and offers guidance on NCMS engagement in related legislative and regulatory activities.

Staffed by Alan Skipper. Robert W. Monteiro, MD – Chair

Membership Committee

Seeks to attract a diverse and inclusive membership while maximizing the NCMS experience for members.

Staffed by Frank Snyder


Promotes and strives for the improvement of government by encouraging and engaging physicians and others to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs; receives and accepts contributions from individuals and organizations to the extent authorized by law; and makes contributions to candidates for public office as authorized by law.

Staffed by Hannah Rice. Philip J. Brown, Jr., MD – Vice-Chair

Nominating and Leadership Development Committee

Recommends nominations for elective positions in accordance with the NCMS Constitution and Bylaws.

Staffed by Evan Simmons. Palmer Edwards, MD – Chair

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Policy Committee

Provides healthy policy direction to the NCMS Board of Directors and Staff consistent with the mission of the NCMS.

Staffed by Kristen Spaduzzi and Ashley Rodriguez. Laura I. Gerald, MD, MPH – Co-Chair and Lisa P. Shock, DrPH, PA-C, MHS – Co-Chair.

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Transactions Committee

Reviews major business proposals or developments in existing business lines that are referred to the committee by the president, chief executive, or Board for reasons related to efficiency, or because there is a conflict of interest applicable to the entire Board or to individual Board members that may undermine Director immunity under the business judgment standard.

Staffed by Chip Baggett. Eileen M. Raynor, MD – Chair.

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