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NC HealthConnex Helps Meet Requirements for Incentives through Quality Payment Program

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NCMS Partnership Launches Fellowship Opportunity at Stanford University

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Tell Congress to protect America’s Medicare Patients 

 On January 1, 2023, physicians are scheduled to face devastating Medicare payment cuts by CMS. The planned cuts could amount to an 8.42% reduction in physician reimbursement, which would severely impede patient access to care due in part to the forced closure of practices.  

Physicians simply cannot afford to operate under the current payment system. Congress must reform the Medicare payment system to make it simpler, more reflective of real-world practice costs and more predictable for both physicians and CMS.  

It is urgent that Congress continue to work with the physician community to develop long-term solutions to the problems with the Medicare physician payment system and: 

  • Prevent the scheduled 4.42 % payment reduction from going into effect on January 1, 2023. 
  • Provide financial stability through a baseline positive annual update based on the Medicare Economic Index reflecting inflation in practice costs. 
  • Waive the statutory PAYGO requirements 

 Please contact your members of Congress today, using the link below, to impress upon them the urgency that North Carolina’s physicians and patients will face if these cuts go into effect.  Encourage them to pass legislation that would fix the flawed Medicare physician payment system before these cuts go into effect.  

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The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) and the NCMS Foundation (NCMSF) are committed to improving the health of North Carolinians by supporting our physician and PA members, and by creating and supporting innovative programs to achieve positive health outcomes.

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The NCMS and NCMS Foundation are dedicated to a broad range of initiatives and programs with the goal of providing North Carolinians with the best possible healthcare solutions.

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