The North Carolina Medical Society works on your behalf to advocate for members in several priority areas, and to provide members with the tools they will need to succeed in this changing health care environment.

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Legislative Issues

The NCMS employs a team of lobbyists and legislative experts to closely monitor and to respond to legislative developments that will impact the profession of medicine and the care of patients.

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Health Policy

Throughout its history, the North Carolina Medical Society has shaped a wide range of health policies to improve and protect patient care.

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Reform Prior Authorization Now

Jumping through time-intensive and costly prior auth hoops is burdensome for clinicians and dangerous for their patients. Find out what the Medical Society is doing to address this issue.

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Healthcare Takes a Team

In order to provide North Carolina patients with the highest quality of care and meaningful access to their clinician of choice, the best solution is for health care professionals to work together under the leadership and supervision of trained physicians. Learn more about the advocacy work the NCMS is doing to protect patients and promote team-based care.

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