The Issues

The NCMS Government Affairs staff takes action on the most pressing issues facing the profession of medicine, both at the national and local levels. Below are some of the priority legislative issues on which the NCMS takes action. For a recap of all the recent action at the General Assembly, be sure to check out our Legislative Blog.

The NCMS has been a vocal and committed leader in discussions about Medicaid transformation in North Carolina. The Society is front and center in making sure that health care providers are an integral part of Medicaid managed care. Read more about Medicaid Reform in North Carolina.

In 2011 the NC General Assembly passed historic medical liability reform legislation, which would not have been possible without the advocacy efforts of NCMS members.

Patient safety is of the utmost importance to the NCMS and its members. Every year, non-physician practitioners visit the General Assembly in hopes of expanding their scope of practice, or being granted licensure to practice medicine without attending medical school. NCMS will continue to evaluate each bill that comes forward and educate legislators on any potential threats to patient safety.

How You Can Make a Difference

As the largest physician organization in the state, the NCMS devotes significant resources to advocating physician viewpoints in the public policy arena. Success in these endeavors requires direct physician involvement. All physicians are encouraged to devote some time to understanding the medical issues addressed by the General Assembly and to work with the NCMS to assure the views of the medical community are presented to policy makers in an organized and effective fashion.

The louder our voice – the larger our impact.

White Coat Days are your chance to learn more about the ins-and-outs of the government affairs and how best to approach your legislator regarding healthcare issues.

NCMS Key Contacts are a network of North Carolina physicians who can be relied upon to contact their legislators on important issues being debated in the General Assembly. By agreeing to become a Key Contact, we become partners. The Government Affairs staff will provide you with all the necessary background information, pertinent talking points, phone numbers, and addresses; you do the talking in your own way on the issues with which you feel most comfortable. To be a Key Contact, e-mail Sue Ann Forrest details.

It is critical that physicians financially support candidates for the General Assembly and Congress who truly understand the relevant issues affecting healthcare today. NCMS PAC allows us to express our support with one unified voice. The strength of NCMS PAC is vitally important during an election year because it helps us to elect candidates who fairly represent issues important to the medical community. Join NCMS PAC today!

To contact the Government Affairs Department at the NCMS, email [email protected] or call (919) 833-3836.