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Advocating for Clinician Wellness

The NCMS plays an active role in advocating for state programs and regulatory changes that promote clinician wellness. The NCMS was instrumental in forming the North Carolina Clinician and Physician Retention and Well-Being Consortium (NCCPRW), a collaborative initiative aimed at identifying and developing strategies to reduce stress and improve well-being among the healthcare workforce at the individual, organizational, and state level. The Consortium engages in various activities and initiatives aimed at creating a culture of well-being within the medical community, supported by partnerships with policymakers, mental health advocates, and the broader healthcare community. In 2024, the Consortium transitioned into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to further its mission.

NCCPRW collaborates closely with The Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation to implement the “All In: Caring for NC Caregivers” program, focused on improving the professional well-being and mental health of health workers. This initiative seeks to support the state’s hospitals and health systems in redesigning their workplace environments to help team members feel valued and supported while creating the best environments to deliver safe, quality patient care.

Hospitals and health systems participating in the initiative commit to:

  • Make a public commitment to their workforce’s well-being by eliminating local barriers to mental health care access for licensed health workers.
  • Participate in a digital curriculum to enhance understanding of the drivers of burnout and successful approaches to improve well-being.
  • Create and implement a 12-month action plan to accelerate systems change to operational and administrative burdens.

Please contact Melissa Kenny if your hospital is ALL IN to begin this important work.

Below are some helpful links to state resources:

NCCPRW Board Portal


Our goal is to eliminate stigmatizing language regarding mental health and substance use disorder from every hospital and health system’s credentialing applications and peer reference forms throughout North Carolina, thereby positioning NC as the premier state to work for healthcare professionals. Get the details here to begin this important work.

Changing Licensing and Credentialing Applications to Promote Health Workers’ Mental Health

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