“Grow your garden” with NCMS Membership

Roy Strowd, III, MD, MEd, MS, shares why he believes NCMS membership is important to helping you, the profession of medicine and patient care in North Carolina grow and flourish.


“Stay Connected” with NCMS Membership

Claude Jarrett, MD, shares why he believes NCMS membership is important to helping you stay connected to the community of medicine.

How can you see the PA profession grow?

Long-time NCMS member and past NCAPA president Jim Hill, PA-C, MEd, explains why he believes NCMS membership supports the future of the PA profession and is key to building relationships between physicians and physician assistants.

Why should you join the North Carolina Medical Society?

Membership benefits include insurance, retirement plans, legal services, and HR help
From offering exclusive products and services such as NCMS Insurance Solutions and the NCMS Retirement Plan to opportunities to learn and to meet colleagues at events such as our regional socials, town halls, and the annual LEAD Conference and Gala, membership with the NCMS has its privileges!


Be part of your community of peers
The NCMS is a community of physicians and PAs – at all stages of their careers and from all specialties throughout the state – who come together with one collective voice and a shared vision to ensure the health and well-being of their profession and their patients.

The NCMS advocates for you and your patients
The NCMS acts as a tireless advocate for your profession on regulatory, legislative and judicial issues that impact you and your patients.

To demonstrate Leadership in Medicine
The NCMS offers its members opportunities to develop leadership skills through its innovative Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership (KIPL) programs such as Leadership College, Health Care Leadership and Management and the Future Clinician Leaders College.

Become a part of the NCMS today!