nc-stampHB 451 – Regulate Massage & Bodwork Estmts.

Primary Sponsors: Rep. Allen McNeil (R- Moore), Rep. Bert Jones (R-Caswell), Rep. Rena Turner (R-Iredell), Rep. Pat Hurley (R-Randolph)


This bill was withdrawn from the House Regulatory Reform Committee on March 23, 2017, and re-referred to the House Finance Committee.

This bill passed the House Finance Committee on June 15, 2017.

This bill was introduced to the House Judiciary I Committee by Rep. Allen McNeil (R-Moore) on June 21, 2017. This bill passed, and will now move to the House floor.

This bill passed second reading with a vote of 110-5. This bill will remain on the calendar to be discussed for third reading tomorrow, June 22, 2017.

This bill passed third reading with a vote of 107-5.

The bill will now move to the Senate.