It’s been a week of transformation at the NCGA, as two health care bills that started out with one purpose have now morphed into bills with completely different goals. Chip Baggett gives you the details on these two proposals and how they may impact you and also shares the NCMS’ thoughts on the newly released Senate ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act.’

NCMS Statement on Senate ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) has significant concerns with the portions of the recently released Senate health care plan that would revamp the way federal funds are allocated to our Medicaid program. Financing through a block grant as proposed would considerably limit North Carolina’s ability to make up funding shortfalls to support our nearly 2 million Medicaid beneficiaries without reducing eligibility, curtailing benefits or cutting provider payments. While states would be given more flexibility in setting eligibility and benefits for Medicaid patients, the funding shortfalls would negate any advantage to the state and leave our neediest patients with limited or no coverage.
While the NCMS continues to support bipartisan improvements to the Affordable Care Act, this latest plan would be detrimental to our state’s most vulnerable citizens and their access to basic primary care.