Congratulations to the 2022 NCMS Photo Contest Winner

“Nature’s Beauty, Big and Small”

The beautiful image above, taken by first-time Photo Contest participant Brian Bowman, MD, PhD, is the overall winner of our member photo contest this year. His photo, “Nature’s Beauty, Big and Small,” will grace the cover of our NCMS 2023 calendar. Congratulations, Dr. Bowman!

This year over 50 photographers participated in the contest.

Kudos to the winners in the other categories!

Nature Category Winner: Karl S. Chiang, MD – “Mystic Swamps”

North Carolina Category: Charles H. Classen, Jr., MD – “The End of the Small Family Farm North Carolina”

Travel Category: Kathryn McConnell Greven, MD – “Yucca at Dawn”

Wildlife Category: Joel B. Miller, MD – “GRUBHUB Delivery”


Brian Bowman, MD, PhD “Nature’s Beauty, Big and Small”
Karl S. Chiang, MD “Mystic Swamps”
Charles H. Classen, Jr., MD “The End of the Small Family Farm North Carolina”
Kathryn M. Greven, MD “Yucca at Dawn”
Joel B. Miller, MD “GRUBHUB Delivery”
Matt Atkins, MD “Slot Canyon”
T. James Baden, MD, FACP “Canadian Tranquility”
P. Mark Gallerani, MD “Atlantic Puffins”
Steven M. Genkins, MD (“Seadoc”) “The Restless Sea”
Marion McCrary, MD, FACP “Clarity of Reflection”
Thomas J. Monaco, Jr., MD “Autumn Cascades”
Arnold C. Olegario, MD “Let’s Keep It Green”
Danna Park, MD, FAAP, FACP “Currituck Lighthouse Spiral”
Leighton A. Raynor, MD “High Jump”

Yun L. Boylston, MD, MBA “A Walk in the Woods”
Jeffrey Coston, DO “Looking Glass Falls”
M.E. Dossenbach, PA-C “Monarch Butterfly Feeding on Milkweed”
Jane Girskis, PA-C “Crazy Tree Root”
John Goldfield, PA-C “Coastal Fife Trail, St. Andrew, Scotland”
Jim Hill, MEd, PA-C Emeritus, DFAAPA “Red Shoulder Hawk in Rain”
H. Slade Howell, MD “Flying Squirrel with New Home”
Rodger Israel, MD “Yates Mill in Autumn”
Andrew S. Lamb, MD “Assisi, Italy at Sunset”
H. Curtiss Merrick, MD, FACP “Baby Owls with Sweaters”
David Mertz, MD “Vallarta Surprise”
Vikas Patel, MD “Trees Mimicking Barn Color”
Katherine J. Pierce, MD “One Moment in Time”
Heather Pol “Kiawah in June”
Demetri T. Poulis, MD, FACS “Sunset, Nags Head, NC”

Herbert W. Clegg, II, MD “Bear Cub Up a Tree”
Lisa M. Gangarosa, MD “Fall Creek Gorge in June”
Lawrence Greenblatt, MD, FACP “An Unusual Visitor in Urban Durham”
Richard M. Griffin, MD “Kayaker”
Hampton A. Howell, MD “The Lee Side”
Anna Malysz Oyola, DO “Violet Dawn”
Donna M. Richardson, MD, MBA “Rainy Day”
James A. Salisbury, MD “The Get Away”
Nadine B. Skinner, MD, FAAFP “Clowning Around”
David Tart, MD “Isle of Iona, Scotland Beach”
David Thomas Tayloe, Jr., MD, FAAP “Sunset at Hawkins Landing”
Robert E. Taylor, MD “Sunset at Ocean Isle Beach”
John G. Wagnitz, MD “Writing Spider”
Michael R. Wolff, MD “Southport Yacht Basin”