Under the Affordable Care act of 2010, all insurers had to provide an electronic payment option. This provision created a new payor business model whereby insurers began to charge physicians’ practices a fee for electronic transfer of the funds they are owed.

Led by Congressman Greg Murphy, MD (NC-3), a bipartisan group of members of the US House of Representatives has introduced HR6487, the No Fees for EFTs Act.  This bill would end an increasingly common, predatory practice: charging medical practices a fee to process electronic payments.

According to a report published by ProPublica, “insurers now routinely require doctors to kick back as much as 5% if they want to be paid electronically.”

Rep. Greg Murphy MD (NC-3)

“Fees associated with electronic transactions for physician services are an unnecessary and costly burden on providers and patients,” said Dr. Murphy in a press release on the bill. “We don’t tolerate paying fees to receive direct deposit of a paycheck, likewise, doctors and patients should not be forced to pay predatory fees on electronic payments on essential health services.”


The bill has gained bipartisan support in the House and we will continue to follow its progress.

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