Enjoy the view and keep your skin protected!

RALEIGH — All summer NCMS is bringing you tips to enjoy the great Carolina outdoors.  Melanoma Mondays run weekly until Autumn with information from your fellow NCMS members.

Today it’s Dr. Maureen Aarons from Vision Dermatology in Raleigh with how to hike, canoe, and enjoy time in the North Carolina mountains and keep your skin looking great.  Enjoy!

Maureen Aarons, MD

Have fun, enjoy the sun, and keep your skin looking great as you have fun in the mountains!

The clock is ticking down on summer, but North Carolina still has plenty of sunny days left this year. For many, that will mean time in the mountains.  Dr. Maureen Aarons has three pieces of advice for you.

  1.  Get high without sunburn!  Elevation means you are closer to the radiation of the sun.  Using UPF rated shirts, sleeves, gators, hats, jackets, and pants do double duty.  They keep away sunburn and keep out bugs.  Stock up on gear and go!
  2.  Repel ticks and mosquitos by applying at least 20 percent (but no more than 30 percent) DEET (Deepwoods Off, Repel) or Picardin (12 hour Picardin).  The EPA also approves IR355 PMD and oil of lemon eucalyptus to prevent tick bites, but essential oils won’t cut it! Look for the EPA seal on the label.
  3. Get ahead of Poison Ivy and other itch/allergy causing plants by applying a protective barrier cream like Ivy Block (Bentoquatum) at least 15 minutes before going out.  Wash all of your gear after being in a wooded area with gloves on!

If you would like to speak with Dr. Aarons for more advice you can contact her at Vision Dermatology by clicking here.