Jennie L. Byrne, PhD, MD, DFAPA

The North Carolina Medical Society is happy to announce a new webinar with Jennie Byrne, PhD, MD, DFAPA, a graduate of our KIPL Health Care Leadership and Management Program.  Dr. Byrne will be discussing her book Work Smart: Use Your Brain and Behavior to Master the Future of Work.

Byrne graduated from HCLM in 2019 and has since continued her successful career path as an innovative and entrepreneurial leader. She is a long-time champion of the HCLM program and discusses her career in the NCMS Bulletin magazine. You can read her story here.  

Byrne has an MD/PhD in Neurophysiology from New York University and did her psychiatry residency at Mt. Sinai Health System. She is also the Chief Patient Officer at Belong Health and is a sought-after speaker on several topics including efficiency, stress and well-being, leadership and more. She is a musician, wife ,and mother of two (and very busy!).

Her book, Work Smart, was published in 2023.  There is also a most recent audio book version.

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