Thank you to the following donors to our North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Foundation from Jan. 1 through Oct. 31, 2016. Your contributions help support our longstanding mission of improving access to quality health care for all North Carolinians. If you would like to join this esteemed group, please make your contribution here.


Medical Mutual Insurance Co.


The Doctor’s Company


North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants


Community Care of North Carolina
Marianne Hardison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Seligson, MBA, MA


North Carolina Medical Group Management Association
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Runge


Drs. Janice E. Huff and Stephen J. Ezzo
Philip M. Brown, Jr., MD
Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Carr, Jr.
Dr. Don C. Chaplin and Mr. Andy D. Hunt
Durham-Orange County Medical Society
Drs. James G. and Michelle F. Jones
Drs. Elizabeth P. Kanof and Ronald H. Levine
Scott G. Kirby, MD
Dr. Robert W. Monteiro and Mrs. Peggy Monteiro
Dr. Robert E. and Mrs. Diane G. Schaaf
Ms. Shawn M. Scott and Mr. Tom McSwain
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Sousa
Dr. and Mrs. David T. Tayloe, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Zane T. Walsh, Jr.


Cary Internal Medicine & The Diabetes Center, PA
Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis
Frederick A. Cruickshank, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. G. Cunningham
Leah Devlin, DDS, MPH
Ms. Pamela P. Highsmith
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hill, Jr., PA-C, MEd
Andrew S. Lamb, MD
Katie Lowry, MD, MPH
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Mangum
Dr. Darlyne Menscer
Melanie G. Phelps, JD


Dr. Arthur E. Apolinario
Abhik K. Biswas, MD
Palmer Edwards, MD, DFAPA
Kenneth A. Holt, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Brian S. Kuszyk
Gerri L. Mattson, MD, MPH
Medac Health Services, PA
John J. Meier, IV, MD, MBA, FAAP, FACP, CPE
Liana Puscas, MD
Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic, PA
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Reeder
Dr. Devdutta and Mrs. Amy Sangvai
Steven M. Shaber, JD
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Sheets
Lisa P. Shock, MHS, PA-C
Richard H. Weisler, MD
Thomas R. White, MD
Carey M. Ziemer, MD


Olufolarin A. Ajao, MD
Julian M. Aldridge, III, MD
Mohammed M. Ali, MD
Leonilde G. Alves, PA
Angela T. Alistar, MD
Perico N. C. Arcedo, III, DO
Nerva Augustin, MD
Katherine A. Averill, MD
Kathryn M. Baerman, MD
Glen A. Barden, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Beittel
Linda R. Belhorn, MD
Rex C. Bentley, MD
Maureen L. Beurskens, MD
Floriece G. Blackmon, MD
Stephen E. Buie, MD, DFAPA
Walter W. Burns, III, MD, FACs
Mark A. Burt, MD
Patrick Cacchio, PA-C
Marc R. Carruth, MD
Tara L. Chronister, MD
Philip E. Clifford, MD
Gregory B. Collins, MD
Ashly L. Cook, PA-C
Brian C. Cook, MD
Robert G. Cooper, Jr., MD
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Cox
David T. Dellaero, MD
Megan K. Dice, PA-C
Thomas A. Dimmig, MD
Betsy T. Douglass
Thomas L. Dumler, MD
Samuel T. Dyer, PA-C
Dina B. Eisinger, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Miles Elmore
Dr. Carolyn R. Ferree and Mr. Richard C. Sanders
Robert E. Finch, Jr., MD
Edward Forero, MD
Sharon M. Foster, MD, FAAP
Nicole T. Francis, PA-C
Brett J. Gilbert, MD
Peter W. Gilmer, MD
Raleigh K. Godsey, Jr., MD
Terri J. Gonzalez
Ishwar H. Gopichand, MD
Daniel Gottovi, MD, FCCP
Pearly B. Graham-Hoskins, MD
James M. Granfortuna, MD
William D. Hage, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Haizlip
Frank T. Hannah, MD
Dr. and Mrs. L. Robert Hanrahan, Jr.
Mark A. Hansman, MD
Robert A. Harrell, III, MD
Zachary C. Hartsell, MPAS, PA-C
Richard D. Haynes, III
Paul M. Henderson, MD
Mr. and Mrs. R. David Henderson
Dr. Catherine A. and Peter A. Magennis
Henry T. Hyman, DO
Dr. Joseph T. Inglefield, III
John A. Johnson, DMD, MD
Robert D. Johnson, Jr., MD
Robert H. Johr, MD
Donald G. Joyce, MD
Paul T. Kayye, MD
William S. Kelly, MD
Paul J. Kerner, MD
Victor B. Kim, MD
Jon P. Kimball, MD
Nicole W. Klett, MD
David J. Koenig, MD
Marshall A. Kuremsky, MD
Michael J. Kushner, MD, FAAN
Michael S. Lancaster, MD
Kevin M. Lavery, PA-C
Andrew M. Lewis, Jr., MD
Ralph A. Liebelt, MD
Wolfgang B. Liedtke, MD
Summer Lorman
Nancy F. Lowe, CMP
Deborah M. Lucas, MD
Katherine M. Mackin, PA-C
Enrique V. Marana, MD
Lewis P. Martin, MD
Aubrey M. Masilela, MD
Brent D. Matthews, MD
Suzanne E. McAdams, MD
Thomas K. McMahan, MD
Gwenesta B. Melton, MD
Kunal Mitra, MD, MBA
Edward R. Mogabgab, MD
Dr. Peter J. Morris and Ms. Sara A. Smith
Robert G. Moser, MD
David B. Musante, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan R. Neuwirth
Michael A. Nichols, MD, PhD
Tony C. Ning, MD
Sarah J. Olenick, MD, PhD
Roger A. Ordronneau, PA-C
Raphael S. Orenstein, MD
Obinna C. Oriaku, MD
Christopher N. Oti, MD

Catherine O. Oyejide, MD
Domenic A. Palagruto, II, DO
Eugene H. Paschold, MD
JoAnn Pizer-Fox and Stanley Fox
Rosemarie H. Polinsky, PA-C
Dr. Thomas E. Powell, III
Jonathan R. Prentice, PA-C
Jerry L. Punch, MD
Charles L. Record, MD
Drs. John and Solia Reynolds
Charles C. Richardson, MD
Karen D. Roane, MD
Lucas B. Romine, MD
Brett M. Rosenberg, MD
Shepherd F. Rosenblum, MD
Ruben R. Salinas, MD
Robert N. Satterfield, MD
Merritt J. Seshul, MD, FACS, FAAOA
Phillip P. Shadduck, MD
Kerry M. Shafran, MD
William P. Silver, MD
Ann Siva
Mr. and Mrs. W. Alan Skipper
Richard M. Slusher, DO
Bradley T. Smith, MD
Carl L. Smith, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David N. Smith
John M. Solic, MD
Robert D. Stewart, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Sugg, Jr.
Catherine A. Sweeney, PA_C
Cheryl A. Szpak, MD
Ryan K. Takenaga, MD
David A. Thompson, MD
Adam T. Thorp, IV, MD
Mark A. Tiffany, MD
Anne K. Toohey, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Townsend, III
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Trent
Michael J. Utecht, MD, FACEP
Krishna M. Verma, MD
James J. Vopal, MD, PA
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Wall
Dr. and Mrs. Bradford B. Walters
Susan M. Weeks, MD
Brittany W. White, PA-C
Dr. Gustav C. Wilde
Lawrence D. Williams, MD, FACS, RVT
Joseph B. Wilson, MD
Robert J. Wilson, MD
Steven C. Winters, MD
Stephen A. Wyatt, DO
Eugenia F. Zimmerman, MD
Matthew Zucker, MD

$99 and under

John C. Ayers, Jr., MD
William T. Barnett
Charles C. Bremer, MD
Conor Brockett, JD
Timothy J. Carr, MD
Dennis W. Coombs, MD
Jackie M. Davis
Kathleen A. Doman, MD
Erin Grover
James W. Hayes, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Karb
John A. Millward, PA-C
Sara H. Sinal, MD
Jennifer S. Dabbs
Dr. Justine Strand de Oliveira and Mr. Jasiel de Oliveira
Spencer G. Weig, MD
Kelly S. Wilson
Julie M. Bass Ransom, PA-C
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Blum
Jennifer Gasperini
Peter Johnson, MD
Ajay Kumar, MD
Lincoln County Health Department
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Moffatt
William M. Redwood, MD
Washington Pediatrics, PA

$50 and under

Elizabeth I. Blair, MD, PhD
David Farley
Vangie Alderman
Margaret Spell
Appalachian District Health Department – Ashe
Faith Beery
Cary Healthcare Associates, PA
Lisa Donnelly
Pablo Escobar
Jessica R. Goglin
William D. Haithcock, Jr., MD
Kathryn A. Johnson, FNP
Barbara Kaminski
Kevin Key
Dana Carroll Lucas
Ann Shaw
Leslie A. Smith, MD
Harry B. Stone, III, MD
Patricia Stopyra
Thomas Stopyra
Mary Valand
JoAnne Woll