hawthorneThe Wilmington Business Journal recently awarded Henry Hawthorne, MD, a Wilmington pediatrician and longtime North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) member, its Health Care Hero Lifetime Achievement Award.
“For almost 40 years, Hawthorne has improved the quality of life for children across the region. He has also mentored dozens upon dozens of physicians so that future generations would receive the sort of care that he had so provided,” the Journal wrote.
Although Hawthorne retired from Wilmington Health in 2011, his commitment to children has continued.
“I retired from active practice at 72,” Hawthorne said. “Then someone called and asked me about doing some consulting work with the state of North Carolina and Community Care of Lower Cape Fear, so I failed retirement and went back to work for a couple of days a week.”
That part-time work evolved into Dr. Hawthorne becoming the associate medical director of Community Care.
Read the Journal’s profile of Dr. Hawthorne here and listen to an interview with him here.
Congratulations, Dr. Hawthorne!