Super Bowl LVIII will air on CBS this year, and stream live on Paramount+


Yes, we are all excited to see the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.  Yes, we are all excited to see Usher perform the halftime show, Yes, we are all wondering if Taylor Swift will be there. But, really aren’t we all just watching for the ads?

Well, the NCMS is here to help!  Here is a look at all of the 2024 Super Bowl commercials released so far!

2024 Super Bowl commercials (so far)!

(WCNC) — It’s that time of year again. Even if you aren’t watching the Super Bowl to see the Chiefs duke it out with the 49ers, you can still watch just for the commercials.

Advertisers take the Super Bowl very seriously. They know around 1/3 of all Americans watch, and ads can go for millions of dollars. Because of that, advertisers often go all out, lining up celebrity-filled TV spots designed to raise interest in their products.

Paramount Plus Super Bowl commercial

What do Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Patrick Stewart, Drew Barrymore, Arnold from “Hey Arnold” and Peppa Pig all have in common? They’re all in the Paramount streaming service’s new Super Bowl ad.

In the TV spot, the assorted characters are trapped on an icy glacier, unable to throw a rope to safety. When Tagovailoa says he could make the throw to the top, if there was a football.

Patrick Stewart suggests they use Arnold’s football-shaped head to throw the rope all the way.

“We throw the child,” the legendary actor plainly states.  Despite reservations from some of his fellow stranded explorers, Stewart gets into some old-timey football gear and throws a perfect spiral — straight into the wall…as Creed sings “Higher.”

Lamenting his inability to throw just a few feet higher, Stewart out wishes for some “pigskin” to toss. The commercial ends with a pan to Peppa Pig, potentially their last hope to avoid freezing to death.

While a condensed version is likely to be played at the Super Bowl because even a 30-second ad can cost millions of dollars, the full commercial clocks in just under two minutes.

Google’s Super Bowl LVIII ad

Google’s heartstring-pulling ad follows a blind man as he uses “Guided Frame” — Google’s AI-powered accessibility feature for the Pixel camera that uses a combination of audio cues, high-contrast animations and tactile vibrations — to take pictures of the people and places in his life.

M&M Super Bowl commercial with several NFL greats

Retired Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, Buffalo Bills’ Bruce Smith and wide receiver Terrell Owens never got a Super Bowl ring, but M&M’s and Scarlett Johansson present the “Almost Champions” ring to the almost winners.