All summer NCMS will bring you tips to enjoy the great Carolina outdoors while staying safe from the sun’s rays.  Melanoma Mondays will run each week until Autumn with information from your fellow NCMS members.  Today it’s Dr. Matilda Nicholas from Duke Dermatology with ways to get the season started.  Enjoy!


Matilda Nicholas, MD, PhD
Matilda Nicholas, MD, PhD

Have fun in the sun and be safe this summer!  Here’s how:

  1.  Protect yourself from the sun! Use a sunscreen containing zinc oxide and reapply every two hours and more often if swimming or sweating. Apply a solid layer! A golf ball size amount of cream is about right for your body. Even sunscreen isn’t enough for southern sun! Wear broad brimmed hats (4 inches ideally), sun protective clothing such as swim shirts and sun sleeves, and seek shade, especially during peak hours of sun between 10am and 4pm.
  2. Pay attention to your skin!  If you see any new, growing, bleeding, or changing growths on your skin, or something that looks different from all of your other spots, see a dermatologist right away.
  3. Summer sun, salt water, and chlorine can dry out your skin. Be sure to shower after swimming and use lots of moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and comfortable.


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