The State Health Plan Board of Trustees recently approved moving from two Medicare Advantage carriers (Humana and UnitedHealthcare) to one Medicare Advantage carrier, UnitedHealthcare (UHC), for 2017. The Board felt the move to just UHC is the best value for Plan members at the lowest cost, and will pass some of the savings onto members.
Both Humana plans are still an option for Medicare retirees through the end of 2016. For 2017, those currently in the Humana Medicare Advantage Base and Enhanced plans will be transferred to the UHC Medicare Advantage Base Plan. Those who wish to select the UHC Medicare Advantage Enhanced Plan may do so during Open Enrollment, Oct. 1-31, 2016. Members who are already in a UHC plan, and are satisfied with that plan, may remain in that plan. If they wish to change to a different UHC plan, either Base or Enhanced, or to the Traditional 70/30 PPO plan, they may make that selection during Open Enrollment.
Final premium rates for 2017 have not yet been established and are pending action by the General Assembly on the State’s employer contribution, which is included in the State budget. The Plan expects the Traditional 70/30 Plan and the Medicare Advantage Base Plan to remain premium free for retirees and for the Medicare Advantage Enhanced Plan to be offered at $64 per month for retiree-only coverage. The State Health Plan’s Board of Trustees will likely vote on premium rates in late July or August.
For 2017, the Plan will provide three options for Medicare Retirees:

  • Traditional 70/30 PPO Plan (BCBSNC)
  • Base Medicare Advantage Plan (UHC)
  • Enhanced Medicare Advantage Plan (UHC)