Starting January 2023, all DEA-registered practitioners are required to participate in 8 hours of training in addiction medicine. This Addiction Medicine Series meets the requirements set forth by the DEA and provides participants a broad overview on addiction treatment. This series provides education on a variety of key topics in addiction medicine, including inequities in addiction, impacts of stigma, basics about addiction treatment, integrating addiction treatment in the primary care setting, and treatment of substance use in special populations including the adolescent population, those with mental illness and those with chronic pain.

The registration links for all 8 models are included below:

The End of a Bygone Era: Removal of the X-waiver Next Steps in Buprenorphine Prescribing

Addiction In Primary Care

Responding to Pediatric Substance Use

Treating Chronic Pain and Addictions

Understanding the Impacts of Stigma: Substance Use Disorder

Addiction and Mental Illness 

The Impact of Stigma and Bias on Substance Use Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment  

Current State of MOUD Access 


Additional Resources Related to These Topics