The North Carolina Medical Society is happy to share the April edition of Public Rounds!

Dr. Osi Udekwu

Public Rounds is a spin-off of our very popular daily newsletter, Morning Rounds. We bring special guests to you monthly, highlighting NCMS members, government officials, and people who are working to make North Carolina healthier.

Gun violence is one of the most talked about subjects in the United States. It is especially true in the medical community, where doctors see firsthand the trauma caused by firearms. NCMS Chief Experience Officer Dr. Michelle Laws sits down with Dr. Osi Udekwu to discuss why gun violence is not a political issue, but a matter of public health. They cover startling new statistics on gun violence, a look at what may be driving the increase in gun violence, the impact of gun violence on marginalized communities, what is currently being done, and ways medical professionals can seek mental health in the wake of gun related cases.  

Enjoy their conversation in this month’s Public Rounds.

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