The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Nominating and Leadership Development Committee issues the final slate of candidates.

Under the NCMS’ governance structure, online voting for the candidates will begin on September 28, 2023, and continue until midnight on October 12, 2023. Paper ballots will also be available to those who need them.

The following slate of nominees was selected by the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee:

NCMS Board of Directors
President Elect: John Meier, IV, MD
Secretary-Treasurer: Tracy Eskra, MD
Region 3 Representative: Karen Smith, MD
Region 4 Representative: Martin Palmeri, MD
At-Large Member: Bryant Murphy, MD
At-Large Member: William Ferrell, MD
At-Large Member: Ronald Laney, Jr., MD

NC American Medical Association Delegation
AMA Delegate: Mary Ann Contogiannis, MD
AMA Delegate: Justin Hurie, MD

Nominating and Leadership Development Committee
NLDC Region 2: John Chiavetta, MD
NLDC Region 2: Damian McHugh, MD