‘Do You Speak Patient: TELL ME’ by Dr. Philip Brown at CARE Collaborative



(WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH) — Dr. Philip Brown is speaking at the 6th Annual CARE Project NC Parent Professional Collaborative.  Brown is a Past President of the North Carolina Medical Society, former Chief Physician Executive at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, and Chief Community Impact Officer at Novant Health.

The CARE Project Executive Director Dr. Johnnie Sexton, Au.D. says, “Dr. Brown’s ability to bring simplicity out of chaos to help lead organizations and individuals to accountable action is particularly needed in today’s environment. We are inundated with facts and data points that can be and are spun to obscure truth, creating clarity requires both quantitative and qualitative information. His transformational leadership is effective because he is willing to listen, hear and understand diverse perspectives through connection and earned trust.

Creating environments where teams can innovate courageously, bolstered by a resiliency that makes the potential of failure a stepping stone rather than a barrier, is a modern challenge to effective leadership. Dr. Brown’s methods make it possible to amplify all voices so it becomes easier to identify common goals, dream bigger visions of what can be accomplished together, and create aligned action (not just plans) for achieving amazing results. Through deep connection and trust, teams can develop the resiliency that allows this kind of breakthrough performance.
Above all, Dr. Brown is a doctor deeply concerned about the health and life quality of his patients and colleagues.”
Brown will present on February 17th at the Parent Professional Collaborative.  His speech is titled ‘Do You Speak Patient:  TELL ME’

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