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August 10, 2021

NC Professionals Health Program (NCPHP) Call for Nominees

The NCMS has an opportunity to appoint a new member to the NC Professionals Health Program (NCPHP) Board of Directors. Learn more about responsibilities of NCPHP Board members.

Since 1988, NCPHP has been dedicated to helping medical professionals experience a lifetime of change and return to health. NCPHP assists with recovery from substance use disorders and other conditions that could impair a clinician’s ability to safely provide care and services to their patients.

NCPHP originated as a physicians’ health committee of the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS). In 1988, it was established as a formal program of the NCMS and written into the North Carolina General Statutes. To learn more about the important work of this organization, visit the NCPHP website.

Physicians interested in an NCPHP Board position should complete the application form and return it to Evan Simmons, [email protected] by Wednesday, August 18.

The Physicians Foundation Releases New Survey on Physician Practice and Wellbeing

The Physicians Foundation recently released the results of a national survey, which finds that more than half (55%) of physicians know a physician who has considered, attempted or died by suicide in their career. The 2021 Survey of America’s Physicians, COVID-19 Impact Edition: A Year Later examines how COVID-19 has affected the nation’s physicians more than a year since the start of the pandemic, from increased burnout rates to the continued epidemic of physician suicide.

Read the full press release here. View the full survey results and download report here.

NC Medicaid Annual Visit Limitations

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) defines the services that must be provided by each state Medicaid program. These services are mandatory services. Each state may decide which, if any, optional services, as defined by the CFR, will be covered. Optional services that are covered by the NC Medicaid Program include optometry, chiropractic services and podiatry.

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a visit limit may not combine both mandatory and optional services.

Learn more here.

In the News

When Will The Delta Surge End? It Depends On Which Expert You Ask, Advisory Board, 8-6-21

Learning Opportunity

Virtual Office Hours: Medicaid Managed Care, Thursday, August 26 | 4-5 PM

Medicaid Transformation Provider Services and North Carolina AHEC are conducting a series of Virtual Office Hours. These sessions offer an interactive format for health care professionals to have their questions answered. Clinicians are encouraged to submit questions in advance to [email protected] for discussion. Virtual Office Hours will cover a range of Medicaid Managed Care topics.

Register here.


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