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March 23, 2022

“We cannot solve problems with the kind of thinking we employed when we came up with them.” — Albert Einstein


In the News


1. NCMS Policy Committee Seeks Member Feedback on Draft Team-Based Care Policy

The NCMS Policy Committee has drafted preliminary language for a new policy on team-based care.  As an NCMS member, your feedback is an imperative part of the NCMS policy development process.
Please take a few moments to share your input by clicking on the survey link below:

Draft Team-Based Care Policy – NCMS Member Feedback Form (survey will close on Wednesday, April 6th)

All received responses will be shared with the NCMS Policy Committee to facilitate the Committee’s continued discussion and development of this policy.

Thank you for your engagement and feedback!

2. Nominations Being Accepted for the NCMS Golden Stethoscope Awards

Do you know an outstanding NCMS physician or physician assistant member who, during the COVID-19 pandemic, has demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication to patients, and stellar skills motivating, inspiring, and leading a medical team? If yes, please nominate that person for the NCMS’s Golden Stethoscope Award! This award will provide peer recognition based upon nominations submitted and final selection by the NCMS Awards Committee. *Please note: NCMS Board and Foundation Board members are ineligible for this award.

Award recipients and nominees will be recognized at the Golden Stethoscope Awards Gala on October 15, 2022. The deadline to submit nominations is August 31, 2022. NOMINATION FORM

3. North Carolina Professionals Health Program

The North Carolina Professionals Health Program (NCPHP) encourages the well-being and recovery of medical professionals through compassion, support, accountability, and advocacy.

Their experienced team assists health care professionals with substance use disorders, mental health issues, burnout, communication problems and other issues that may affect their ability to deliver optimal care and services to their patients. Learn more about NCPHP here.



COVID-19 Updates


1.    COVID-19 tied to diabetes diagnosis, pregnancy complications: 2 new findings

2.    COVID-19 antibody shipments to be cut by 30%: 6 details

3.    Accuracy of second SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test estimated at 94%

4.    NCDHHS COVID-19 Dashboard


Learning Opportunities

Fostering Clinician Well-Being: Current Trends and Insights from the AMA’s 2022 National Report

Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 12:00 PM Central Daylight Time

COVID-19 has put extraordinary stress on health care workers. Clinician well-being has never been more important. Join the AMA to learn about insights from the 2022 national burnout benchmarking report. Highlights will include current trends in burnout, stress, and job satisfaction in addition to other key drivers of burnout that have emerged during the pandemic. The AMA will also share key strategies to address ongoing burnout and how health systems can reset as we emerge from the pandemic.



Upcoming Events


·       2022 NC Obstetrical and Gynecological Society Annual Meeting (April 8-10, 2022)

·       2022 NC Society of Pathologists Annual Meeting (April 22-23, 2022)

·       2022 NC Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Society Annual Meeting (May 20-22, 2022)

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