(Photo: William Hedrick, MD Family Practice)

RALEIGH — After six decades, NCMS long-time member Dr. William Hedrick is retiring!

In a letter to his patients, Hedrick says “In September I will be 91 years old and I have decided its time to lay down my stethoscope and spend more time with my wife Merrie, my seven children, by seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren. ”

Hedrick added “I have always enjoyed the practice of medicine.  I have tried to help my patients live longer, happier and healthier lives.  I never really saw myself as a doctor.  I saw myself more as your friend who also happened to be a doctor.  I always tried to treat everybody the same, no matter who they were, where they lived, or how much money they had.”

He also says he has a farm with a garden, chickens and a fish pond and they all need his attention!

In his final note to patients he says:  “Toutes les bonne chose ont une fin.  All good things must come to an end.”

The North Carolina Medical Society thanks Dr. Hedrick for his long support of our efforts in the state and wish him a healthy and happy retirement!