What a week! 

As discussed last week, NCMS aided in the creation of a new bill to address Prior Authorization, HB 649: Ensure Timely/Clinically Sound Utiliz. Review. 

In just one week, the bill passed the House Health Committee, House Rules Committee, and was unanimously passed by all members of the House! In a 112-0 vote in favor of the legislation, the bill has passed its first chamber and will now head to the Senate for their consideration. 

House Bill 649 started with physician advocacy and passed the House due to physician advocacy.

NCMS members came together in a Payer Relations Taskforce to identify challenges physicians face in this realm. That taskforce determined that Prior Authorization was their biggest concern for physicians and their patients. This led NCMS staff to work with Representative Baker, Representative Reeder, Representative Potts, and Representative Sasser to create House Bill 649.

NCMS is very thankful to the bill’s sponsors and cosponsors for their hard work.

We look forward to the next steps in the Senate!