The North Carolina Medical Society has reached out to each of our members of Congress encouraging their support of legislation which would tie the Medicare physician payment schedule to the Medicare Economic Index. H.R. 2474 / Strengthening Medicare for Patients & Providers Act would institute an annual inflation-based update to the Medicare reimbursement formula and put physicians on par with other Medicare providers. The failure of Medicare payment policy to account for inflationary adjustments has resulted in a 22% decline in reimbursement over the past 20 years and has jeopardized North Carolina’s 2.1 million Medicare beneficiaries’ access to care. Through its letter to Congress , the NCMS has partnered with other medical societies in advocating for our members and their patients. Please join in that effort by reaching out to your member of Congress. The AMA has set up an easy online messaging tool for you to reinforce our message, so please do so today.