physician-fdn-survey-homepageHave a strong opinion about physician independence or employment? What about quality reporting? Or EHRs? Now is your chance to be heard and for media and policymakers to take note. By taking just a few minutes now to complete this survey, you are joining your colleagues in letting the world know what health care trends are playing out in North Carolina and what sets North Carolina physicians apart.
This is the fourth biennial Physicians Foundation survey. The goal is to have at least 20,000 physicians nationwide take part to make the data scientifically valid. Past surveys have brought the physicians’ perspective to articles, policy initiatives and white papers. This is an important way for the public to know what doctors are thinking. Please complete the survey now.
As an added incentive you’ll be entered in a contest to win one of five $500 Amazon gift cards and one $5,000 Amazon gift card.
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