Ali Ingersoll, the Quirky Quad, tells her life story, advocates for Prior Auth Reform

RALEIGH — If you’ve never heard of Ali Ingersoll, this is your lucky day!  She is a force of nature who has overcome unbelievable obstacles to emerge as healthcare advocate, public speaker, podcaster, disability consultant, and Ms. Wheelchair America!

Ali’s life took an unexpected turn when a tragic accident left her paralyzed at 27 leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. While she grappled with feelings of hopelessness through 7 years of life altering diagnoses, she was convinced her life had reached its end. Through her journey of self-discovery, she learned how to shift her thinking through harnessing the power of persistence to overcome incredible adversity.

She now calls herself the Quirky Quad, who normalizes disability “through dark humor and determination.”  Ali took some time to tell her story to the staff of the North Carolina Medical Society.  Her presentation was both awe inspiring and motivational.  She talked about how her accident led her down a daunting path of healthcare roadblocks and how she knocked them down one by one.

During her talk with NCMS staff she talked about the need for Prior Authorization reform in North Carolina, because, in her words, if she hadn’t worked so hard she “would be dead.”

Take a moment and hear her conversation.  A full interview with Ali will be coming soon.

Learn more about Ali here:

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Ali Ingersoll