The North Carolina Medical Society has been asked to assist the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services in ensuring Medicaid patients maintain coverage during the Medicaid redetermination period. CMS is interested in physicians’ experiences in particular.

North Carolina physician feedback would be helpful, and we would be grateful if you would respond to a survey to share your experience and insights. Please reply by Tuesday, December 5th.

Survey questions include:

  1. What Medicaid unwinding policies/strategies are working well? What is not working well?
  2. What barriers/ challenges have you faced during the unwinding?
  3. Are you/your practice working directly with patients to help them maintain Medicaid coverage or to transition to another form of coverage?
  4. Are you/your practice working with our state’s Medicaid managed care plans (Prepaid Health Plans / PHPs) or other private insurers to help connect patients with coverage options?

If so, what strategies are working well?

  1. What would be helpful to assist you and your practice in navigating the unwinding and assisting patients with maintaining coverage?

Please feel free to share this notice and survey link with your colleagues.

Thank you for your assistance. Your feedback (excluding your name and contact information) will be shared with CMS.