The General Assembly convenes in Raleigh today to officially begin its long session. This promises to be a contentious session with many legislators at odds with newly elected Governor Roy Cooper’s agenda. Even before the start of the session last week, Gov. Cooper moved to expand Medicaid in the state and began the expansion process by sending a public notice to be posted on the Department of Medical Assistance (DMA) website as required by state statute. Read the notice here.
When Gov. Cooper made his announcement, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) issued the following statement:
“The physicians and PAs represented by the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) have been steadfast in their care of Medicaid patients and in their support of expanded coverage to those in need. The NCMS is committed to helping develop financially sustainable and high quality health care models to safeguard that coverage in the future. We will continue to partner with lawmakers as they work together to care for all North Carolinians.”
To get a preview of what’s on the NCMS’ agenda during this long session, watch last Friday’s Bowtie Briefing.