Are you interested in the outdoors or wish to make wilderness medicine the focus of your career, the Wilderness Medicine Conference could benefit you!

NCMS Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership (KIPL) Alum Dr. David Brendle, along with 13 resident family medicine physicians, created the High Country Wilderness Medicine conference to support and equip individuals in our community with resources, tools, and training for medical care in austere environments.

“Given the Boone Rural FMR program’s location in our wonderful Town of Boone we felt it was important to offer Wilderness Medicine specific education to our resident physicians. In addition, community outreach is an important aspect of the residency program. The High Country Wilderness Medicine conference is the culmination of both of these efforts,” says Brendle.

This inaugural Wilderness Medicine Conference will take place August 5th-6th at the Valle Crucis Conference Center. The conference is open to all – including physicians, residents, PAs, NPs, nurses, students, and more.

Learn more and how to register here.