Ali Ingersoll, the Quirky Quad, has a powerful message about the broken healthcare system in North Carolina (photo: Ali Ingersoll)

RALEIGH — Ali Ingersoll has turned a tragic accident into a siren call for change in the American healthcare system.  She was left paralyzed at 27 and spend seven years facing life altering diagnoses, surgeries, and mountain-after-mountains to climb as she fought for critical healthcare.  Her fight for life happened in step with her fight with insurance companies for treatments, medicines, and equipment.

Along the way she became a professional speaker, disability consultant, fierce advocate, and Ms. Wheelchair America.

Ali’s powerfully authentic story serves as a testament to the power of resilience in order to empower others in adapting to the unknown and advocating for inclusivity.

She sat down with NCMS’s Randy Aldridge to talk about the multitude of problems she has faced dealing with prior authorization and roadblocks from insurers.  Her story is powerful, poignant, and, ultimately, uplifting.

After watching, please click here for how you can tell lawmakers that you support Prior Authorization Reform and how important it is to you and your patients.  Feel free to share this video with them.