Dr. Holly Biola, a family medicine and geriatric specialist, is Chief of Family Medicine at Lincoln Community Health Center in Durham. Dr. Biola was nominated by Dr. Howard Eisenson who says, “She is one of the most enthusiastic, generous, kind, resilient and optimistic people I have ever met (indeed, her car license plate, ‘HOPEFUL’, says a great deal about her) and she matches those characteristics with a tireless work ethic.”

“More than anyone, she has been responsible for the many recognitions Lincoln receives for continuous improvement in measures of care. ‘Coordination of care’ is a responsibility that Dr. Biola takes very seriously. When referring patients for specialty care, she doesn’t simply ‘enter a referral.’ She often goes the extra mile by communicating to consultants all the information to address the question at hand.”
“Passionate about mentoring and encouraging students, she invites participation of health professional students from Duke and North Carolina Central University in quality and community engagement projects. Her patient and enthusiastic mentorship has been instrumental in several of these students choosing careers in primary care and community health.”

“During conversation with Dr. Biola’s husband about this nomination, he confided that he and their two boys feel that living with Holly motivates them to be better people. As someone privileged to be her colleague, I feel the same way. Dr. Biola is truly inspirational in striving to make the world a better place for all.”

Golden Stethoscope Award Winner Holly Biola, MD, MPH