1The Physicians Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to empower physicians to lead in the delivery of high-quality, cost-efficient health care, has launched its fourth national Survey of America’s Physicians, one of the largest physician surveys ever undertaken in the United States. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to add your voice to the thousands of other physicians nationally. The results will help lawmakers, influential health care policymakers and the media better understand your perspective and the challenges you face.
The survey will take approximately 10-12 minutes to complete and will allow you to share your thoughts on health reform, electronic medical records, new methods of physician reimbursement, ICD-10 and a variety of other topics. A full copy of the final survey report will be emailed to all physicians who participate. Participants also will  be entered to win one of five $500 Amazon gift cards and one $5,000 Amazon gift card. The survey is being conducted by national physician search and consulting firm, Merritt Hawkins, and will be emailed to more than 650,000 physicians across the country from March-June of 2016.
“This is the one national survey that allows physicians to share their perspective on the state of the medical profession,” said Walker Ray, M.D., president of the Physicians Foundation. “We’d like to hear from as many physicians as possible so we can accurately understand – and share with the public – physicians’ perspectives on the most significant issues in medicine and healthcare today.”
Take the survey.
To access previous Physicians Foundation surveys, visit www.physiciansfoundation.org.