HB 103 – Small Dairy Sustainability 

Primary Sponsors: Rep. Michelle Presnell (R-Yancy), Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Guilford), Rep. John Ager (D-Buncombe), Rep. Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford)

Bill Summary

This bill would add the definitions of “raw milk” and “small herd operation” to statutes.

In addition, the bill would create the following standards for raw milk:

  • Raw milk shall be cooled to 40 degrees Fahrenheit within 2 hours of milking
  • Raw milk, except cultured milk products, shall contain no more than 10,000 bacteria per millimeter
  • Raw milk shall contain no more than 10 coliform bacteria per millimeter
  • The Somatic cell count of bovine raw milk shall not exceed 300,000 cells per millimeter
  • Raw milk obtained from sheep, goats, or bovines must have been tested negative on an annual brucellosis test performed by the Department of Agriculture
  • Animals producing raw milk must have been accredited as tuberculosis free
  • All raw milk should be processed and produced on the same premises
  • All raw milk shall be produced in compliance with requirements recommended by the US Public Health/Food and Drug Administration

A permit would be required to produce grade “A” raw milk.

Raw milk would be allowed to be sold and dispensed. It would be required to be sold at the location where it is produced but may be sold at another location if it met certain requirements.

Bill Movement

This bill was filed on February 19, 2019.