The Joint Legislative Committee on Health met on February 19, 2019. The purpose of this meeting was to provide an overview of the proposed changes to the State Health Plan. The proposal includes a shift the State Health Plan reimbursement to a reference based system.

Rep. Greg Murphy, MD (R-Pitt) chaired the Committee. Both presenters were given 15 minutes to speak. Their presentations were followed by questions from legislators to the presenters.

State Treasurer Dale Folwell, CPA  provided the Committee with an overview of how the State Health Plan arrived at the current proposal. He stated that reference based pricing was the best solution to bring costs under control. View his presentation here.

Dr. Michael Waldrum, MD, MSC, MBA, CEO of Vidant Health provided the Committee the North Carolina Healthcare Association’s perspective on the current proposal. He stated that he was concerned about the impact this proposal may have on rural health due to the financial burden it would place on those hospitals. View his presentation here.

Legislator’s questions to both presenters focused on encouraging stakeholder engagement to ensure cost savings and patient access to the care they need.