KIPL Alumni Spotlight: Scott Paviol, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist


Each week leading up to the 2023 LEAD conference and Awards Gala, NCMS is spotlighting alumni from the past two decades.  Today we learn more about KIPL Alum Dr. Scott Paviol.

I chose medicine because I always admired my friends’ dads who were physicians in my small town in the way they held themselves, were respected members of the community, and gave back. Now that I am a physician, I really value being able to apply the knowledge I’ve gained with the art of applying that to each patient’s unique situation and preferences. I think medicine is badly broken right now and I would like to be a small part of the solution.

How did the Kanof Institute of Physician Leadership (KIPL) influence your current work?

KIPL HCLM and Leadership College completely transformed my career trajectory. My year of HCLM was the lynchpin of my “Med-life crisis” and allowed me to network with like minded practitioners, establish collaboration and teaching opportunities, and serve as president of my counties medical society.

What keeps you motivated to get up every day to do what you do?

If we as physicians don’t do it (medicine in the best way possible), who will?

Daily mantra/motto or one piece of advice for others in medicine.

Be so good they can’t ignore you – Steve Martin


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