Kristen Dorsey, MD, FAAP

Kristen Dorsey, MD, FAAP


As a young child, I always wanted to be a Pediatrician. As I worked my way through undergrad and medical school, I realized that the field of medicine needed more diversity. Now that I have been practicing and serving for the last ten years in a medically underserved area, I know that my mission is to bring quality medical care to those who are vulnerable and who need it the most, while being a role model to African-American children who might not otherwise see individuals that look like them practicing medicine.

The Kanof Institute of Physician Leadership (KIPL) has influenced my current work by empowering me with skills that have allowed me to move into a leadership role as Chief Medical Officer within my organization. In this role, I am responsible for helping to nurture and develop the leadership skills of the providers within our organization. I had to learn about my leadership style through the KIPL to be successful in my current role.

Knowing that I am making a difference in the health and lives of the children and families I see and the community I serve motivates me to do the work I do!

You can’t know everything within medicine, but you should know your resources and who to ask.


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