Dogue, at 988 Valencia St. in San Francisco’s Mission District, offers French-inspired pastries and haute cuisine crafted just for dogs. (David Trapani)

SAN FRANCISCO — A new fine-dining restaurant in the Bay Area has gone to the dogs, literally.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the new restaurant Dogue only serves canines.

Owner and head chef Rahmi Massarweh said Dogue may be the first restaurant in the country to serve a tasting menu exclusively for dogs. It offers meticulously crafted pastries from its in-house “pawtisserie” and French-inspired courses made with locally sourced, organic ingredients.

If you really want to treat Fido, Dogue serves Parisian pastries and “dogguccinos” that start at $4.95. When you really want to spoil your best friend, Dogue has a $75 three-course meal — which is seasonal and rotates frequently. Pet owners can choose from a variety of dishes, such as organic beef chuck steak with fermented carrots and beets or green-lipped mussels with fermented carrots and wheatgrass.

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