2024 NCMS Candidate Series Featuring Dr. David Hill

The 2024 North Carolina Medical Society Candidate Series has an exclusive interview featuring Dr. David Hill who is running for North Carolina Senate District 7. In this episode, Dr. Hill outlines what motivated him to run for office and his most important legislative issues. He discusses how he will address disparities in healthcare in North Carolina’s rural areas, what the next steps are following last year’s Medicaid expansion, and the many challenges physicians and PAs face on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Hill shares his passion for protecting the patient-physician relationship and for bringing more healthcare workers to the people of North Carolina.

All candidates who are members of NCMS and are running for either state or federal office have been extended invitations to articulate their perspectives on these crucial subjects. Stay tuned for forthcoming interviews with other candidates leading up to the November election.



See the full interview with Dr. Hill here: