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View the Updated 2023 Bylaws

The Wake County Medical Society observes 120 years of existence in 2023. In recent years it has undergone significant changes in composition and function. Our current Bylaws were last revised in 2006. The Executive Council (EC) felt that a revision of the WCMS Bylaws is necessary to reflect these changes and to facilitate efficient future operation. Accordingly, our Bylaws have been reviewed, rewritten, and streamlined by the EC to meet this objective, pending approval by the members in good standing of the Society. The role of Dr. David Gremillion should be recognized as leading this process with the input of the Executive Council. Our goal is to maintain a relevant and independent local medical society.

These proposed new Bylaws have been unanimously approved by the Executive Council. They were announced as a first reading at the general meeting held at the NCMS Building on June 20, 2023. Because of the length of the document, the draft is being distributed electronically to the membership who are encouraged to read the document and respond if questions or recommendations. It will then be presented for a second reading at the general meeting scheduled October 17, 2023, at which time it is planned that a vote of approval will occur.

While our 2006 Bylaws do not specify a quorum, state law requires that 10% of members in good standing (Active and Life) respond in person or by proxy. Thus, you are strongly encouraged to attend and participate to support the future of your WCMS.

Explanation of the most significant changes:

The current Bylaws revised in 2006 (OLD) are 19 pages in length while the proposed (NEW) are 13 pages in length. This is reduction due largely to deletion of chapters and sections which are no longer relevant or which will be addressed by Policy, allowing greater flexibility.

NEW Chapter 1 describes our Name and Operating Principles, and our 501 (C)3 status.

NEW Chapter 2 Purposes is basically a mission statement.

NEW Chapter 3 Membership corresponds with OLD Chapter 1 Membership in the Society. It clarifies membership categories, defining criteria for Life membership status and specifying that Life status must be requested by the member and approved by the Executive Council rather than just occur automatically. This is important for the accuracy of our records. Also “members in good standing” are defined as being current with dues payments unless they are Life members who are not obligated to pay dues. The OLD Sec 1.3 application for membership process will be addressed in Policy.

The OLD Sec 1.8. Rules of Conduct and Discipline are deleted. These functions are appropriately addressed by the NC Medical Board rather than the WCMS.

OLD Chapter 2. Powers and Duties deleted.

OLD Chapter 3. Meetings addressed in NEW Chapter 7.

OLD Chapter4. Election of Officers. The position of President Elect is eliminated as  unnecessarily restrictive and redundant. Circumstances may allow individuals with other experience to fill this role. The NEW Bylaws call for two-year terms and allow successive terms of office. These changes are made to address leadership succession and improve leadership continuity.

OLD Chapter 5. Duties of Officers. These are described in NEW Chapter 5. The Secretary and Treasures are described as separate roles in the NEW Bylaws but may be held by one individual as is currently the case.

NEW Section 5.6 describes the duties of an Executive Director but allows the Society to contract with an organization such as NCMS for services rather than employ an individual.

OLD and NEW Chapter 6 addresses the duties of the Executive Council.

OLD Chapter 6 specifies many committees, most of which are deleted because no longer functional. Non-standing committees may be created. See NEW Chapter 9

Chapter 7 addresses the conduct of meetings.

NEW Chapter 8 describes voting and describes a quorum as required by state law.

NEW Chapter 9 specifies only 3 standing committees – Nominating, Finance, and Program as well as permitting other non-standing committees.

OLD Chapter 9 Amendments replaced by NEW Chapter 12.

OLD Chapter 10 Conflict of Interest replaced by NEW Chapter 11 which will refer this to policy.