Recognize, Celebrate, and Honor: National Health Workforce Well-being Day of Awareness


Health Workforce Well-being Day aims to recognize the importance of protecting health workers’ well-being to sustain our health system and ensure quality patient care.

One of the North Carolina Medical Society’s priorities this year focuses on fostering health system environment changes that improve the daily lives of our members through the work of the North Carolina Clinician and Physician Retention and Well-being (NCCPRW) Consortium.

Recently, the NCCPRW transitioned from an NCMS-led program into a standalone entity and began a partnership with The Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation. This collaboration, along with the continued efforts of NC key stakeholders in healthcare and public health, will provide focused and targeted initiatives to improve the well-being of healthcare workers in North Carolina.

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Recognize, Celebrate, Honor: National Health Workforce Well-Being Day of Awareness