The Physicians Foundation is celebrating progress on behalf of physicians and spotlighting solutions to safeguard the future of medicine


The Physicians Foundation is releasing its 2023 Annual Report.  It highlights the first-ever national primary care scorecard which identifies issues important to physicians and provides a benchmark on the state of primary care.  Here are the highlights:

  • Primary care scorecard found that underinvestment, workforce shortages, and lack of research threaten healthcare.
  • Annual survey on physician wellbeing found a majority of physicians feel burned out and resident and students feel even worse.  System changes are needed to improve the future of medicine.  Dear FutureDoc has been launched in response.
  • Work continues with Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation continues.
  • Support physicians in addressing DOH remains significant focus area.
  • Launched new Leadership Award Program to empower and honor the work of early career physicians
  • Continued support for the publication and promotion of new research.
Chip Baggett, NCMS EVP/CEO


The North Carolina Medical Society EVP/CEO Chip Baggett says of the report: “The Physicians Foundation continues to advance research-based initiatives that support physicians across the US. The primary care scorecard is an essential tool for decision-making for the NCMS, and the Annual Survey serves as a vital reminder that the well-being of our members is key to the future of healthcare in North Carolina. Our joint collaboration with the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation, which reaches millions of people to raise well-being awareness and encourage system changes impacting our members, is especially poignant. As NCMS marks its 175th anniversary, we are excited to continue our 20+ year partnership with The Physicians Foundation, working together to enhance the lives of physicians and PAs.”


To read the letter from the President of The Physicians Foundation click here.