Happy summer! In this issue of the NCMS Bulletin we explore health behavior and an innovative approach to treating patients called lifestyle medicine.


Articles Included:

  • “Lifestyle Medicine: Rethinking How to Treat Patients” featuring Andrew Nance, MD, DipABLM and Bonnie Coyle, MD, DipABLM
  • “Health & Wellness Coaches: Partners on the Road to Changing Health Behaviors” featuring Simone Horvitz
  • “Zumba at the Doctor’s Office” featuring Lourdes Pereda, MD
  • “NCMS:  Committed to a Healthy NC”

Remember to send any comments or ‘letters to the editor’ to Elaine Ellis, [email protected]. We like to hear your insights and thoughts on the topics presented and will share them – with your permission – in future issues.