You grip the handlebars as tight as you can. Your feet glued to the pedals. The blue sky seems endless, and you can feel the heat of the sun basking on your face as your legs start to move. Your speed picks up and the surroundings become a blur. The wind is whipping around you and your eyes water from the wind’s impact as well as the effort to get your bike moving. This first hill is always the hardest to climb and you can see the crest coming up. You reach the top of the incline, and a thrill runs through you as you pump the pedals as fast as possible, and you accelerate down the steep hill. A smile comes over your face and you give a gigantic yell as the road levels out and you rush down the street.

This is a pretty common memory of childhood for those who are able to ride a bike. Honestly, it’s a familiar memory of adulthood as well. There is a certain segment of the population who are unable to experience this particular thrill and freedom of movement. Either these individuals have never had the opportunity or due to other circumstances have lost the ability to do so.

That’s where Raleigh Riders come in.

Raleigh Riders is a local group of cyclists who, with the help of a specialized wheelchair bike, are providing the opportunity for children and adults to experience a sunny day out on the Capital Area Greenways.

Safety is a top priority of Raleigh Riders. There are always two adults on each ride. Either the client’s family member or friend can ride along, or another adult volunteer rider will be present. Each volunteer passes the City of Raleigh’s background check process before participating.

Learn how your patients can take advantage of this opportunity here.