On February 22, House Bill 75 – PA Team-based Care – passed the House of Representatives 115 to 0.

Below is a brief summary of HB 75:

  • Defines team-based practice as one of the following:  
    • A medical practice that is owned by one or more physician, who are licensed and practice regularly, the physicians and PAs who work in the same clinical practice area 
    • Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health facilities with active credentialing 
    • Does not include any practice that “specializes pain management”
  •  PAs working in team-based practice will not be required to submit a supervising physician to the Board 
  • PAs without supervision, practicing instead in a team-based environment, must meet the following conditions: 
    • Practice in one of the settings required above 
    • 4,000 hours of clinical practice and 1,000 of clinical practice in said specialty 
    • Submit the above bullets to the board for approval
  • The legislation also includes language about how Physician Assistants can practice within these settings. 

The North Carolina Medical Society was involved in crafting the legislation and is glad to see this legislation passed the House.


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