Overwhelmed By Your EHR System?



A recent article published in an edition of the Annals of Family Medicine highlights ways to reduce workload measures and burden.

Three recommendations were made regarding EHR workload measures that are intended to capture time working in the EHR outside time scheduled with patients, formally defined as work outside of work (WOW):

  •  Separate all time working in the EHR outside of time scheduled with patients from time working in the EHR during time scheduled with patients.
  •  Do not exclude any time before or after scheduled time with patients.
  •  Encourage the EHR vendor and research communities to develop and standardize validated, vendor-agnostic methods for measuring active EHR use.

The article suggests attributing all EHR work outside time scheduled with patients to WOW, regardless of when it occurs, will produce an objective and standardized measure better suited for use in efforts to reduce burnout, set policy, and facilitate research.

Read what else is detailed in the article here.