The UNC Men’s Health Program and Carolina Demography have unveiled an interactive web-based tool aimed at raising awareness and addressing disparities related to prostate cancer in North Carolina.

The tool, “Prostate Cancer Across North Carolina,” provides a detailed, county-by-county map view of prostate cancer cases and deaths, offering valuable insights for local and state organizations as well as the public. The map helps users access downloadable county-specific prostate cancer reports utilizing the latest data from the National Cancer Institute’s State Cancer Profiles (currently from 2016-2020).


  • County-by-County Map: The tool presents a visually compelling map of North Carolina, highlighting prostate cancer cases and deaths at the county level.
  • Detailed Reports: Each county features a downloadable, detailed report, breaking down new cases and deaths by race/ethnicity, providing medical professionals, policy leaders and individuals a more complete as well as nuanced understanding of the prostate cancer landscape.

Read more about this initiative here.