NC Medicaid requires providers to keep credentials current on their NCTracks provider enrollment record. The expiring credential must be verified as renewed through the licensing entity prior to being updated on the NCTracks record. NC Medicaid is aware and collaborating with the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) regarding the inventory of pending license renewal applications.  Any DHSR licensure renewal application that was submitted to DHSR prior to December 31st will remain active with NC Medicaid until DHSR processes all the renewals. Any DHSR Providers due to suspend, due to the expired license, will remain in active status until all renewal applications are completed by DHSR.

In addition, DHSR will send to NC Medicaid a licensure file, each week which is used to update the NCTracks provider enrollment record. As provider licenses are renewed, the information is shared with NC Medicaid and updates are automatically made on the NCTracks record. Providers may also report the license renewal using the NCTracks MCR process upon notification from DHSR that the license is renewed, knowing that NCTracks will verify the status and new expiration date using the file received from DHSR prior to updating the NCTracks enrollment record.

For inquiries related to the status of your license, please contact DHSR. For assistance with submitting an MCR, please contact GDIT.